Summer Storms

Summer Storms
August 13, 2018 Linda Yameen

It’s been a summer of storms. Not the rainy, blustery kind. Not the kind with lightning and thunder. Instead, it’s been a summer of retrogrades storms.

Yes, seven planets in retrograde at the same time.

Retrogrades occur when planets appear to move “backwards” in the sky. Of course, it’s not really happening, but the optical illusion is there. Think of a racetrack where the car in the outer lane laps the car in the inner lane. For a brief moment it appears that the car in the inner lane is moving backwards.

Or think of parking your car in the grocery store parking lot. As you pull forward the car next to you is backing out. For a moment you don’t know if you are coming or going.

In fact, you may feel suspended. Disconnected.

You get the idea. Planets go retrograde every year; it’s nothing new, but when multiple planets are in retrograde at the same time we may get thrown off course; we feel stuck.

Things just don’t move forward like they should.

Retrograde storms don’t happen often. In fact the last retrograde storms occurred as we plunged into WWII and again as the Berlin Wall fell.

What does it mean for us?

If you have studied astrology with me you know that each planet represents a part of us, an archetype that wants to be expressed. The Sun is our personality, the Moon is our emotions and so on.

When a planet turns retrograde it’s a sign to turn inward, to rethink and reflect on what that planet represents.

I can’t predict what will happen globally, but I can offer suggestions on how to weather this storm and use it as a time of growth and reflection.

So, grab your journal and start writing (or your best friend and a cup of coffee!):

  • How can I improve my communication style? (Mercury)
  • What do I value in my life? (Venus)
  • Can I celebrate my uniqueness? (Uranus)
  • Can I resolve old conflicts? (Mars)
  • Should I rethink my spiritual practices? (Neptune)
  • In what area of my life can I be more responsible and focused? (Saturn)
  • Where can I take my power back? (Pluto)

So, there you have it. Unusual happenings in the sky require unusual actions. Introspection. Fortunately, when the storm is over we will all be in a better place for having done our work.

Soon we can breathe more fully. September. Namaste.