• I always leave Linda’s class feeling so centered. She has the ability to describe the poses in such a way it is easy for me to keep my eyes closed during much of the class. Linda continues to inspire me in many ways, especially finding great-fullness.

    Gina W.
  • I have had the opportunity to live on the East coast, the West coast, and now back home in the Midwest, practicing yoga in each place. I have now found my most meaningful classes here in the studio with Linda.

    Barb S.
  • Linda is the reason that I love yoga. She is the essence of positivity. Her classes are joyful as well as healing.

    Phyllis H.
  • Linda is making Liberty yogis great one yoga class at a time!

    Susan D.
  • Linda’s classes are extraordinary. Not only do we learn yoga poses, but also the theory and reasoning behind them. We learn how each benefits us physically, psychologically and emotionally. I leave her classes feeling relaxed and a little bit smarter than when I started.

    Jayne G.
  • Linda’s classes have been life-changing for me. Her inspiration encourages me to have a daily practice and live from a place of love.

    Laura G.
  • Linda is dedicated, thorough and passionate when she teaches and one cannot help but be drawn in to her awesomeness!

    Toni W.
  • Linda’s classes have helped me to grow, and surrounded me with persons of depth and substance.

    Jane S.
  • Linda has been my spiritual guide for the past several years. Through her knowledge, teaching & encouragement, I began my yoga practice, meditation & spiritual journey. I’ve learned about the flow of energy, mindfulness & movement. All of this along with reading inspirational books & journaling, is helping me to live a life focused on compassion & love.

    Kim R.
  • I’ve been attending Linda’s classes for years and I’m constantly amazed at her ability to bring something new and enriching to the class every week. Her insight, experience and patient instruction make classes a bright spot in the week. I hate to miss a class!!!!

    Cindy W.
  • Linda is an amazing teacher. Her style is so approachable. She can take a complicated topic and break it down into “edible” bits that make it easy to understand. She also has a gift for making spirit-based subjects applicable to the life of the everyday woman. She truly embodies the Goddess- Sage- Wise Woman archetype beautifully! I’ve learned so much from her and am excited to continue to work with her for years to come.

    Sara V.
  • I have been a student of Linda’s for 3 years. Her classes and knowledge have been life changing. I am a better person for taking her classes, you cannot help but be changed.

    Linda B.
  • Linda has been my yoga teacher and spiritual mentor for many years. Her ability to draw wisdom, techniques and knowledge from a vast array of spiritual teachers/masters, enables her students (like me) to benefit from many different sources as we travel on our own spiritual paths. She has helped to change my life and set me on a path to peace and fulfillment.

    Terri M.
  • In today’s stress-filled world, a little bit of Linda Yameen’s energy, philosophy and wisdom can go a long way. As a participant in her yoga classes, retreats, and one-on-one consultations, I have personally experienced her commitment to excellent teaching and I highly recommend her! Whether you come to this website for Linda’s brand of yoga, spiritual/personal growth, or enlightened consciousness, I’m betting you get exactly what you need.

    Cathy N.
  • If you want a great yoga instructor, go to Linda Yameen! She is fantastic at teaching basics as well as advanced yoga postures. Linda is always patient and mindful of her students limitations and abilities. I highly recommend her!

    Kara B.
  • My weekly, gentle yoga with Linda is one of my self-care routines that has made living with fibromyalgia bearable. Her ability to give verbal descriptions of the tiny muscle adjustments needed for good form is unmatched. Linda is caring and compassionate with a great ability to make yoga gentle for those who need that.

    Susan R.