Teaching simple shapes for healing.



My name is Linda and if you’re here, you must be looking for a better way. You must be someone who has experienced enough of life to know that every day is sacred. Someone who continues to crave adventure while living vibrantly and agelessly. Someone who tunes inward for guidance and someone who seeks Inner Peace.

Maybe I can help you. I sure hope so. I offer classes with simple shapes for mobility and health.

It’s my honor to meet you.

Healing Yoga Classes offered in person and online

  • slow paced practice
  • addresses chronic pain and arthritis
  • uses compression and release techniques
  • focus is on mobility and freedom of movement
  • Monthly video subscription starts at $25.00 per month

Contact Linda for more information!

What People Are Saying About Linda

  • Linda’s classes have been life-changing for me. Her inspiration encourages me to have a daily practice and live from a place of love.
    Laura G.
  • Linda is dedicated, thorough and passionate when she teaches and one cannot help but be drawn in to her awesomeness!
    Toni W.
  • Linda is the reason that I love yoga. She is the essence of positivity. Her classes are joyful as well as healing.
    Phyllis H.
  • Linda is making Liberty yogis great one yoga class at a time!
    Susan D.
  • Linda's classes have helped me to grow, and surrounded me with persons of depth and substance.
    Jane S.