Teacher. Student. Guide.

I was always looking for a way to live passionately and purposefully. I got lucky.

I found:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Non-Duality

I started practicing yoga after my children grew up and moved away. I was older and wiser. Maybe I was trying to create the new Linda, maybe I was discovering a new hobby, I’m not entirely sure. But I was definitely searching for a better way.

I began teaching yoga in 2010. As time went by my style changed. My yoga students were getting older and needed something different.

I studied Avita Yoga with Jeff Bailey.

My yoga classes became slower and gentler. I focused on healthy movement instead of cool shapes.

I discovered Healing Sensation.

I began to hear things like, “I feel so good when I leave your classes. I learn so much.” I knew I was onto something.

My mission is:

  • to share
  • to guide
  • to teach

My passion is to support you on this journey.

So come. Let’s practice. Some movement. Some healing shapes. Simple, yet effective.

Are you ready?

“This is my letter to the world….. judge tenderly of me.”
– Emily Dickinson