New Moon in Libra: What about Love?

New Moon in Libra: What about Love?
October 7, 2018 Linda Yameen

Imagine this.  The Cosmos is throwing a party!  Venus, the Goddess of Love, is hosting. The planets are sitting around the table having a conversation.  It’s the eve of the Dark Moon.  We typically call it the New Moon, but it’s still a dark sky.

And this New Moon is in Libra.

The Sun and the Moon are sitting next to each other, snuggling up. They are talking about Libra themes.  (You know–love, relationships, harmony,  balance…)

Powerful Pluto is across the table scowling at them. He says, “If you are talking about relationships, keep it intense and focused– and make it transformative.”

Dreamy Neptune, sitting close by, says, “Don’t forget about compassion and unconditional love, it’s important. I’ll help you.”

Then, the hostess makes an appearance. Venus, in all of her glory, turns around says, “As the Goddess of Love, and the hostess of this New Moon Party, let’s make a toast.”

“I ask each of you, on this New Moon, to look at those you love, dive deeply into your heart, and  compassionately transform those relationships in order to serve the greater good.”

Well said, Venus.

Namaste, Linda