Full Moon in Aries: Heal the Past and Move Forward

Full Moon in Aries: Heal the Past and Move Forward
September 22, 2018 Linda Yameen

Each lunation cycles gives us a chance to become introspective and check in with the flavor of the current moon.  When we do this, we move forward with flow and ease; we choose to use the energies in a positive way.  We lean toward the high side.

In a similar way, we take care of our car by scheduling routine maintenance such as oil changes,  new spark plugs and rotating the tires.  We ask our mechanic to peek under the hood of the car and look for issues.  We, too, can check in with the ‘inner mechanic’ and look for potential problems or imbalances and tune up the engine before we blow a gasket!

So, let’s peak under the hood and see what we find.   The Sun in Libra is opposing the Moon in Aries.   This Moon scores vibrates with courage and action while the Sun radiates diplomacy and harmony.

The planet Mars rules Aries and the planet Venus rules Libra.  Yes, it is literally the God of War versus the Goddess of Love.  But, we really don’t want a victory or a surrender by either side, we want to play the game with an open mind and heart-forget the score.

Let’s allow the Moon to shine out the energy of courage, action while taking initiative and let the Sun continue to sparkle with relationships and compromise.  Ask yourself, have I have moved forward in my life with bravery and diplomacy?

You can affirm during this Full Moon:

  • I  courageously move forward in harmony with others.
  • I initate action smoothly while honoring my relationships.

The asteroid Chiron adds a special spice to this lunation as he shows up right next to the Moon.  Chiron, mythologically speaking, is the Wounder Healer.  We come into life carrying soul wounds from the ancestors or past experiences.  We can choose to release these burdens.  They weigh us down, like an overloaded bed of a pick up truck.   Think of any toxic baggage or heaviness that you are ready to let go of.   Light a candle as a full moon ritual and say aloud:

I acknowledge the past and let it go. 

Final tip for this lunation:  Get still and connect to the ‘inner mechanic’ .  She’s rooting for you.